Danique Motzheim

Posted on March 27 2018

Hi sweet and beautiful Luxury Beauty's,

We want to introduce you to the most incredible woman on earth, Tessa Kort!

She went Benelux Next Topmodel in 2009 and now is she the model from Luxury Beauty Cosmetics, how amazing is this news!

We also want to tell you a little secret.. Tessa is one of the Temptation Island VIPS" verleidsters"!! Temptation Island VIPS will be on the Dutch television Videoland.

We are so happy to share this news with you!  

We are so grateful and happy that is is part of the Model Crew. In the next few days we will have an interview for you beauty's, so you will get to know her better. For now some photos of her.


Sweet Love,

Team Luxury Beauty Cosmetics  xoxo

Tessa Kort Luxury Beauty Cosmetics model

Tessa Kort temptation island vips luxury beauty

Tessa Kort Luxury Beauty Cosmetics modelTessa Kort Luxury Beauty Cosmetics makeup


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