One year of Luxury Beauty Cosmetics

Danique Motzheim

Posted on February 19 2019

Founder Danique Motzheim on one Year of Luxury Beauty Cosmetics!!

A year after launch, Danique Motzheim has developed her Luxury clean makeup line into a major player in the color cosmetics space.

The founder of Luxury Beauty Cosmetics has always been committed to living a healthy life and came upon the idea for her brand when she couldn’t find natural makeup that equaled the performance, high pigments, and long-lasting wear that she was used to with conventional makeup.

Luxury Beauty Cosmetics, a prestige quality natural makeup brand, launched last January with seven shades of liquid lipstick on its own web site. Now the brand is carried by different beauty boutiques and by the Dutch company and has grown to new categories, including clean mascara on Feb. 1.

Luxury natural lipstick matte

Luxury Beauty Cosmetics has no plans to stop there. She expects the brand to grow between 300 and 400 percent this year thanks to product launches and distribution expansions. Lawless already has a slew of launches set for 2019, including additions in the complexion and lip categories, as well as expansion into other categories.

Danique was inspired to create a brand that fills this major need in the beauty space for Luxury, cruelty-free, clean makeup with beautiful ingredients that actually work and gives women and men the performance, quality, wear time, finish and personal packaging they want, need and expect. I noticed a big disconnect between my passion for health and my love for luxury cosmetics because I was putting chemicals on my skin every single day that are not good for us to absorb into our bodies.

luxury beauty cosmetics natural mascara black  

I tried products for every natural makeup brand I could find, and nothing worked as well as the conventional products I was currently using and loved, and none of it was packaged in a luxurious way. I felt that in order to have clean, safe makeup, I had to sacrifice the things I wanted in my makeup. I knew there had to be many other women who felt the same way, so I decided to create something to fill this need for chic, luxe natural makeup with affordable price tags.

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