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Danique Motzheim

Posted on December 05 2017

Liquid Lipstick, Mascara, and Eyeshadow — The Perfect Beauty Trio to Steal The Show

Got a flair for stealing the spotlight everywhere you go? I'm pretty sure you do! Who wouldn't want to get all the attention during a night out with the girls? As we already know, the right makeup can take you from lame to WOW in minutes, and that's precisely why we can't do without them. There's a reason why women have been using makeup for thousands of years — the gorgeous look and major self-confidence boost it brings is equal to none. Moreover, the dozens of compliments you're bound to receive when wearing your favorite makeup can make you feel super!
Among the plethora of products on the market, there is three luxury make up products that can turn your blank canvas (face) into a spectacular work of eye-catching art. You'll definitely want to have a liquid lipstick, mascara, and eyeshadow in your makeup kit.
Let's take a sneak peek at these face lifesavers and explore why LUXURY Beauty Cosmetics stands out from the rest.

Liquid Lipsticks

These exceptional magic sticks burst onto the main stage a couple of years back, and they've been working great for ladies looking to make their lips gorgeous for longer. For the most part, these liquidy formulas have the opacity of traditional lipsticks but hug the lips and keep them pigmented through the end of work day and even into happy hour.
Liquid lipsticks are heavily pigmented matte lip glosses that come with a matte, velvety texture and are perfect for those with thinner lips thanks to how they make pouts fuller. It's good to point out that liquid lipsticks may not be so great for ladies with dry or chapped lips so you'll want to keep a stick lip balm handy if you're one! You only have to dab a tiny amount on your lips when needed. The good thing is, we can now eat, drink and even kiss without worrying about a smeared mess — what could be better?


Most of us can hardly live without mascara — it's one beauty product we need to keep our faces in check. That super important flick frames your face, bringing together your perfect look in a few strokes — those eyelashes are sure to look super fierce!
The great thing about mascara is that it can be used in a variety of ways and the best products out there can give you a bit of oomph on an otherwise dull morning. Today's advanced curling wands and vibrant hues can give you that effect you need for a wild night out and still pulls you together on hectic mornings — what more could you ask for?
Luxury Beauty Cosmetic Makeup


The last luxury makeup product you need to look like an earthly goddess is the eyeshadow — the right palette can display your innermost mood and personality. So, if you're a fierce one looking to enjoy a wild night, you can paint the perfect mix onto your lids and steal the spotlight in seconds! Neutrals in classic shades or dark, edgy smokes — you can get just about any look you can possibly think of! It only depends on how creative you are when it comes to picking the perfect shades. Essentially, eyeshadows accentuate the eyes, giving your face a dramatic change that's sure to stun those who lay eyes on you. It's all up to you to have fun and give in to your creativity — the gorgeous opportunities are endless!
Stick to Luxury — LUXURY Beauty Cosmetics
Are you ready to unleash the fierce, gorgeous goddess in you? I'm pretty sure you were born ready! Now, it's not just about getting your hands on the sexiest liquid lipstick, eyeshadow or stockpiling on mascara tubes — you need to stick to the best! And there's no better place than LUXURY Beauty Cosmetics. We stock exclusive luxury makeup ranging from chic liquid lipsticks to smoky eyeshadow palettes —it's all about perfection at its peak.
For starters, our Luxury Liquid lipstick is your best bet if you're looking to lavish your beautiful lips in a full spectrum of shades. It's also sure to hug those lips throughout the day — there's absolutely no need for regular touch-ups and the like!
Make your eyes pop with our Luxury 3D Volume Black as you give your gorgeous lashes the volume they deserve. You can expect bigger and longer eyelashes from our exclusive mascara — just swoop it on for more intense definition and all-round fierce eyelashes you need to party all night long.
Perfect the look with our very own Luxury Health Eyeshadow Palette — it has everything you need to look and feel gorgeous. Boasting up to 12 pigment-rich taupe and greige neutral eyeshadows as well as five exclusive shades, LUXURY Health Eyeshadow Palette is exactly what you'll need to steal the show!
The best part? They all come with super affordable price tags — so there's nothing stopping you from looking like the beauty queen you've always wanted to be!
Stay gorgeous!

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