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Danique Motzheim

Posted on April 12 2019

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Get the same results with no harmful chemicals.

It has been opined that it is impossible to get the best of active skincare products without the attendant harmful chemicals that are usually a risk of using such products.

We are however proud to say that our skin-care product is free from every of those harmful chemicals. Which chemicals are these and how do they even go on to affect your skin in the long run?

Here is a short exposition of a few of the chemicals:

Sulfates SLS and SLES:

SLS and SLES are usually components of several shampoo, detergent and other skin care products. The downside is that the chain of chemicals causes irritation to the skin. While the derivates of sulfur might prove to be very efficient cleansers, it might turn out to be too efficient. In the end, the chemical might pull hair away from the face or body region.

Formaldehyde and formaldehyde releasing compounds:

Formaldehyde releasing compounds are a group of chemical compounds that in the end releases formaldehyde into the body. These range of chemicals are typically found in a lot of skin care products. There are several links between formaldehyde releasing compounds and cancer risks.


Phthalates are commonly used as plasticizers In the skin-care product manufacturing process. However, the chemical is one that is hazardous to the human health. Beyond skin-care, there are several other uses for Phthalates and as such, this increases the human exposure. The chemical have been found to have effect on reproductive health, however minimal, the risks are real and could happen.

Mineral oil:

Mineral oil is a clear distillate liquid gotten from the refining of crude oil. The Oil is used in the production of skin-care products as it has the property to fight dandruff and several other infections. The chemical, due to its heavy nature can interact with the skin and cause rashes.

Retinyl Palmitate:

Retinyl Palmitate is used as an anti-aging substance in several skin care products. The compound seeks to regenerate old skin by synthesizing retinol that allows for the growth of new skin cells. Although Retinol can be directly used in the products, it is preferably synthesized from Retinyl Palmitate. The chemical compound has been experimented to encourage lesions and also increase the risk of cancer.


The chemical have seen widespread use in the production of skin care products. From stabilizing the colour and fragrance of the products to strengthening the anti-UV properties of some others, the use of Oxybenzone is limitless. The use of Oxybenzone is one that has seen heated debate in recent times. Oxybenzone is said to produce high hormonal changes in the body.
Coal tar: Coal tar is incorporated into skin care products due to its ability to treat the symptoms of several skin conditions including psoriasis and dermatitis. The chemical agent also causes irritation of the skin and may encourage allergies


The highly absorbable chemical is also used in the manufacture of skin care products. It causes weak hormonal signalling and coordination. It could also induce allergies in children exposed to the products.


Hydroquinone is used as a bleaching agent in skin care products, side effects includes sensitivity of the skin, rashes, redness and stinging of the skin.
It is important to note that none of these chemicals are contained in our product and as such, you can use our products without having to worry about a thing.

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