5 ways to up your game as a Luxury Makeup artist

Danique Motzheim

Posted on February 27 2019

Makeup is one of the major aspects of the beauty industry right now. There are lots of makeup artists showcasing their craft on different social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube. Every day, more and more people join the bandwagon, which is a good enough reason to improve your skills.


It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie in the makeup world, or a pro already earning your coins. These tips will help you.

Here are 5 ways to up your game as a makeup artist;


Intern At A Reputable Brand

One of the major ways to improve your makeup skills is by interning at a popular makeup brand. This process exposes you to a number of benefits like; 

    Working with professionals.


    Franchising off a reputable brand.


    Easy access to prospective clients


    An opportunity to be retained for a job.


All of these benefits are great ideas why you should definitely intern. Most of the best makeup artists learned the vital aspects of the business while interning and you can too.


Practice Always

Being a makeup artist does involve a lot of hard work and commitment to improving. If you plan on becoming the best, then you need to always practice. You can practice on yourself and family. It might seem like very little, but it is easily the easiest way to gain experience. Follow different tutorials and your skills will be considered professional in no time.



Follow The Trends Online

Everyone wants and needs to have their very own style. However, if you want to get recognized, you need to follow the trends. According to research, almost everyone is online for most parts of the day, so you need to get busy. Search out for the trending makeup looks on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. Create a YouTube channel or an Instagram page and showcase your skills. Recreating looks that are trending will ensure your videos are more discoverable. 

A good example was Rihanna’s epic Vogue tutorial. All of the major YouTube makeup personalities recreated that very look.


Invest In Good Makeup Tools

Sometimes, all you need to deliver a perfect job are the right tools. This is the same for makeup. Investing in quality brushes and makeup products will give your job a flawless finish. Quality makeup products do not necessarily have to be expensive, as there are some drugstore products that are great.

All you need to do is carry out proper research and you will be on the right track.


Get An Awesome Photographer

As a makeup artist, it isn’t all about having the right kit and having skills, promoting your craft is important. You need to build a solid portfolio showcasing all of your hard work in quality pictures. A good way to achieve this is by having a great photographer. It is always a good idea to befriend a good photographer.

His rates will definitely be affordable and it will be easier to run a Trade for press relationship. This relationship entails giving him publicity as you promote your work.


Like every other skill, improving your makeup skills requires hard work and dedication. Always be on the lookout for ways to perfect your skills, and you will be one of the best in no time.

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